About the Healing Doodle

I’m Susan B. The Healing Doodle is the result of my becoming disabled from my career as a technical writer. I became disabled in 2010 with a cluster of bizarre symptoms, including chronic dizziness, migraines, and fatigue, which ended my career as a technical writer.

A year or so later, a health coach recommended my finding some kind of creative outlet. I began by drawing in coloring books, but soon desired to create my own art. I was clueless how to break open my creativity and could barely draw a stick figure. Despite my best efforts, I was completely frozen creatively, certain that I couldn’t draw a straight line.

Then, I discovered repetitive pattern drawing with India ink, which became my passion. And I found that once my creative spirit was freed, recognizable shapes began appearing in my art.

I love ink because I’m a perfectionist. And with ink, you can’t erase mistakes. So each “mistake” becomes an opportunity to turn it into something intentional. Some of my favorite work grew out of mistakes on the page. More recently, I’ve been starting with words and phrases and letting the images evolve around them.

Drawing has been a healing balm for me, enabling me to express all the myriad facets associated with having an invisible illness. But along with that, I’m also sober, solvent, and abstinent, and my 12-Step journey greatly informs my art as well.

Artwork is created using light-fast, archival India ink on 90 lb. or 100 lb., acid-free, vellum paper.

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to sharing the healing journey with you.

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