About the Healing Doodle

Learn more about me, my art, and the handmade pendants in this video.

I’m Susan B., a writer, and the artist behind the Healing Doodle. I didn’t begin making art until my mid-50s after becoming disabled in 2010 with a cluster of symptoms that included chronic dizziness, brain fog, and fatigue. A year later, a health coach urged me to find a creative outlet as a way to cope with the loss of my old life and to help pull me out of the darkness.

With no skill at arts or crafts, I felt tremendous resistance. But because I’m also in recovery from compulsive overeating, spending, alcohol, and more, I’ve had lots of experience taking giant leaps of faith.

I found my starting point with simple, repetitive line drawing, a fancy name for intentional doodling. As I practiced, people, animals, trees, all sorts of things began to emerge from the doodles. Over the years, what I draw and how I draw it has evolved because I’ve been willing to experiment and not be so afraid of making mistakes. The one constant is my love for vibrant colors.

Since becoming disabled, my writing has focused on recovery as well as living with invisible illness and my search for emotional sobriety. I also write about creativity and it’s challenges, and occasionally make art process videos and tutorials. I often use my art to illustrate my writing.

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