New Kindle Art Book on Emotional Sobriety

I’ve just published a new book, the first in a series of short Kindle books called, “The Sum of Our Parts: An art book on emotional sobriety, chronic illness, and the mind-body connection.”* In this little book of 56 original inspirational readings and artwork, 
I share my experience, 
strength, and hope (along with more thanContinue reading “New Kindle Art Book on Emotional Sobriety”

Free Your Creative Spark!

This post is for those who believe they aren’t “allowed” to make art because they lack training. It’s for those who put aside creative pursuits for years, maybe decades, and think it’s too late to heed the call now. It’s for those who let fear stifle that still, small voice inside urging their creative expression,Continue reading “Free Your Creative Spark!”