No Rose-Colored Glasses

And no pink cloud recovery either Sometimes, I wish I had a pair of rose-colored glasses. But sadly, the price for wearing them is not worth the cost to my sobriety, abstinence, solvency, and health. My recovery path has been all about facing reality, walking through pain, and getting to the other side. It was neverContinue reading “No Rose-Colored Glasses”

The Harrowing Story of My Miscarriage

Decades Later, Grieving for My Baby Who Never Was Jizo statue by jonny-mt (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons Recently, I hit an emotional bottom and realized that I need to work yet another 12-Step program, this one around my family of origin trauma issues. Last year was a year where the veilsContinue reading “The Harrowing Story of My Miscarriage”