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Getting Out from Going Under Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders

The Getting Out from Going Under Daily Reader for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders is an invaluable aid to recovery for those who suffer with this debilitating and demoralizing addiction. At 366 pages, it’s filled with practical tips, inspiration, and a thought for each day, the Daily Reader will encourage and motivate you to stay on the path of recovery.

The Sum of Our Parts: An Art Book about Emotional Sobriety, Chronic Illness, and the Mind/Body Connection

In this little book of 56 original inspirational readings and artwork, Susan B., recovery writer & artist, shares her experience, strength, & hope (along with more than a bit of her struggle) on the topics of emotional sobriety, chronic illness, and healing from mind/body syndrome (also known as TMS). Plus, she’s written an essay at the end of the book explaining more about these subjects in the context of her personal journey, for those new to the concepts. Book includes a list of her favorite resources.

Whatever you are going through, remember you are not alone. May you find comfort in these words and images.

Ben and Max: An Unlikely Friendship

A children’s book about behavior and consequences


When a friendly mouse named Max befriends a grouchy bear named Ben, the forest animals are delighted! But when a sly fox named Sylvester comes along, he stirs up trouble between Ben the bear and Max the mouse, and Ben does something he regrets! Can the fox be stopped? Can the friendship be saved? Read and find out!

Ben and Max: An Unlikely Friendship is a compelling story for 7-9 year olds that also teaches how our behavior affects others, including the “golden rule” of treating others as we wish to be treated, the issues of gossip and envy, and how to better handle anger.

The book contains colorful, highly detailed illustrations depicting a wide range of emotions.

The last two pages of the book contain questions relating to the book’s content as a guide to help you talk about these issues with your children.

Ben and Max: An Unlikely Friendship with special illustrated text.
Ben and Max: An Unlikely Friendship – Plain version

Fearless Budgeting Training Course for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders

The Fearless Budgeting Training course is 100% free and includes 50 audio and text lessons, along with a PDF workbook.

Blog: Getting Out from Going Under: Guide to Recovery for Compulsive Debtors and Spenders

This blog is now an archive containing hundreds of articles on all aspects of working a program of recovery around compulsive debting and spending.

“I Can’t Stop Spending” Podcast & Show Notes

This podcast contains all 54 episodes that you can download FREE along with the 132 page PDF that contains all the links and show notes from each episode.

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